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Using Quality Paint

When it comes to painting, about 90 percent of a good paint job is in the preparation. This, however, does not mean that the other 10% should be ignored. Preparation gets the surface ready for paint, but if the paint is not of good quality, then it will soon fall apart from cracking, peeling and chipping. The quality of the paint, therefore, is vital to a good, long lasting paint job. And furthermore, the more you know about what makes good paint good will improve the chance that the job will be a good one.

Paint contains three main ingredients: pigment, solvent and binders. The pigment provides the texture, color and the hiding properties of the paint. Titanium dioxide and iron oxides are pigments that are used in better quality paints. You will also find clay and silica being used, but these pigments don't hold up as well. The texture of the paint is a good way to determine if it’s of good quality or not. Cheaper pigment materials, such as clay and silica, cannot be ground as finely as the better ones.

There is a very simple way to test whether paint is of good quality or not. It is sometimes referred to as the touch test. Once you have selected a paint product and shook it well, you should then remove the lid and put your index finger and thumb into the paint. Then rub the paint between the tips of your fingers. If it feels gritty then it probably contains a cheap pigment or a lot of cheap filler such as clay. Quality paint will feel smooth and silky.

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